Job Openings in Nicola Manini's group

If you are a researcher at the postdoc level and are interested in theory/simulation of nano/meso-scale friction, there are currently two options for working in Nick's group:

  1. In collaboration with other Italian universities and research centers we have funding for postdoctoral positions under the Italian contract assegno di ricerca (net salary near 2000 €/month), starting in the fall of 2019. See details in this flyer. For more details and info how/when to apply, feel free to contact Nick and/or the other PIs.
  2. Horizon2020 provides other great opportunities. Consider in particular applying to the very attractive Individual Fellowships (IF - deadline Sept. 11, 2019) programme. Contact Nick at least 2 months in advance of the next deadline: Nick will help you writing a good application, improving your chances of success. Local rules imply a very favorable tax rate, leading to a net salary near 5000 €/month, plus significant research&travel money, if a H2020 fellowships is secured.

Nick is also active in other research lines, in particular he collaborates with Giovanni Onida and Guido Fratesi on ground- and excited-state properties of clusters, surfaces, and bulk materials, see publication list for examples. If your scientific interests point in these directions, contact Nick for assistance in writing a proposal on some hot topic of common interest!

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created: 10 Mar 2014
last modified: 1 Jul 2019
by Nicola Manini